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  • Atelier Afrique Chine de jeu vido pour jeunes professionnels Beijing octobre 2013

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  • Photo Album WSIM Chongqing 2013

  • Chongqing (Chine)
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  • Activits FIAM 2013

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  • Discours d'inauguration d'Herv Fischer au Congrs INFORMATICA 2013

  • La Havane, Cuba
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propos de la FIAM

Conseil dadministration

Comit excutif
  • Prsident: FISCHER, Herv (Global et Europe)
  • Premier vice-prsident (Amerique du Nord): LI, Ping
  • Vice-prsident (UN): DOS SANTOS DUISENBERG, Edna
  • Vice-prsident (Amrique Latine-Carabes): MORA-DELGADO, Alexander
  • Trsorire (Asie-Pacifique): LIU, Xiaobin
Conseil dAdministration
  • ALEKSEY, Zharkov / Russia
    Deputy Head of Information Technologies Committee (OPORA IT), All-Russian Non-Governmental Organization of Small and Medium Business (OPORA Russia)
  • DITSCH, Matthias Ditsch / Germany
    President, Integrated TV & Video Association (ITVA)
  • DOS SANTOS DUISENBERG, Edna / Switzerland-Brazil
    Former Chief, Creative Economy & Industries Program, Division on International Trade and Commodities (DITC), United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)
  • GALLAND, Franoise / France
    Directrice des Universits franphones de pharmacie / Director, Digital Francophones University of Pharmacy Science (UNSPE)
  • FISCHER, Herv / Canada-France
    Founding Director, International Digital Observatory (OINM)
  • HILALI, Abdelaziz / Morocco
    President, Moroccan Internet Society (MIC); Professor and Deputy Director of Internship Relationship with Enterprises, Moroccan National Institute of Posts and Telecommunications (INPT)
  • GOODRICH, Simon / Australia
    Past President, Board of Directors, Australian Interactive Media Industry Association (AIMIA); Managing Director, Portble
  • LI, Ping / Canada
    Chairman, International Network Committee on Multimedia and Digital Industry, World China Network Association (WCNA-INCMDI); Former Special Advisor on China Affairs, World Trade Centre Montral (WTC Montral)
  • LIU, Xiaobin / China
    Secretary General, World Trade Centre Beijing (WTC Beijing)
  • MORA-DELGADO, Alexander / Costa Rica
    Chairman, Costa Rica Chamber of Information and Communication Technologies (CANTIC); Vice Chairman, Board of Directors, Costa Rica Bank; Past Vice President, Latin America, Caribbean & Spain ICT Industry Federation (ALETI)
  • OLIN, Joseph / U.S.A.
    Executive Director, International Digital Media and Arts Association (iDMAa); Past President, Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS)
  • OTHMAN, Kamil / Malaysia
    Vice President, Creative Multimedia Strategy & Policy, Multimedia development Corporation (MDeC) National ICT Initiative (MSC Malaysia)
  • SALELA, Pumela / South Africa
    Director, Source Africa; Board Member of Global Sourcing Council (GSC)
  • SALOMON, Emilio / Argentine
    President of the Social International University, S.I.U
  • SURESH, Laxmanan / India
    Board Member of International Federation Film Producers Associations (FIADF); Vice President, Film Federation of India (FFI)
  • WANG, Changyu / Hong Kong
    Honorable Vice Chairman, China Film Foundation (CFF) Secretary General, Hong Kong International Film Festival Society (HKIFF); President, Salon Films Ltd.
Comit consultatif
  • COURCHESNE, Luc / Canada
    Board Member and Associate Researcher, Society for Arts and Technology (SAT) Professor, School of Industrial Design, Universit de Montral
  • GANTCHEV, Dimiter / Bulgaria
    Acting Director, creative Industries Division, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
  • GODDARD, Marccus / France
    Executive Director, Netexplo (International Observatory of Digital Innovation in partnership with UNESCO)
  • HU, Yuandong / China
    Head, Investment & Technology Promotion Office-China (ITPO-China), United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)
  • JUNIOR, Moacyr Alves / Brazil
    Chairman, the Electronic and Digital Content in Brazil; President, Commerce, Industry and Culture Association for Videogames in Brazil (ACIGAMES)
  • KIRKEBY, Mogens / Denmark
    President, International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA)
  • KOBAYASHI, Hael / U.S.A.
    Executive Director, Creative Intelligence Unit, Office of the Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of Technology Sydney
  • MGHIRBI EPS GASTLI, Imene / Tunisia
    Director, cole suprieure de l'audiovisuel et du cinma ? ESAC? University of Carthage
  • NOLAN, Lynn N / U.S.A.
    Senior Strategic Initiative Officer, International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)
  • QUINTANA, Carolina / Chile
    Coordinator, Creative Economy Program, Division on International Trade and Commodities (DITC), United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)
  • RUSTAGI, Narendra K. / U.S.A.
    Executive Director, Global Digital Business Association (GDBA) Professor and Chair, Information Systems & Decision Sciences, School of Business, Howard University
  • SALL, Oumar / Sngal
    Representative, Group 30 Africa
  • SONG, Haiyan / China-Hong Kong
    Executive Council Member, International Association for Tourism Economics (IATE); Chair Professor, Tourism, School of Hotel and Tourism Management, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • SOSA-MACHADO, Yarima / Dominican Republic
    Director, Center for the Study of the Future
  • TEOPHILUS, Sourabha Rani / India
    Project Manager, Interactive Technology, Software and Media Association (ITSMA)
  • VAGADIA, Bharat / U.K.
    Board Member, National Outsourcing Association (NOA) (A Member of European Outsourcing Association / EOA)
  • VALENTE, Teresa / Portugal
    Secretary General, Association for the Promotion of Multimedia and Digital Society in Portugal (APMP)